You Know What I Mean!

PC: Shutterstock Each time we share a contact; Sometimes it’s just from eyes, Sometimes it’s from the throbbing heart and smiling face, But each time we share much than that. We share a simple gesture, Yet that means a lot. Those collisions of our repeated eye contact, Those collisions of our repeated unsaid words. Every Read more about You Know What I Mean![…]

Siblings Love!

PC: unknown •Purity lies within our relation, With single thread of love,we are bonded together. •We are too far,to catch a single smile, But too near,to feel every bit of love. • We care,we share,we love ,we really admire, We altogether born to be each other’s supporting arm. •Day’s spend with you,will never get replaced Read more about Siblings Love![…]

"जो कभी तुम मिल जाओ"

PC: long dist. Love “आज हम होंगे और करीब, पता नहीं कब तुम बगल से मुस्कुराकर चली जाओ। ढूढ़ंते तो जरूर फिरेंगे हम, बस डर है कहीं तुम शर्मा कर न चली जाओ। अब तक न देखा तुम्हें, पर एक ही झलक में सारी दुनिया देख ली। पहले तो हम न मिले कभी, पर फिर Read more about "जो कभी तुम मिल जाओ"[…]


​           This One: Is For All Those Who Are In Between Their Dream & Path They Are Following Now Is Someone Else Choice   PC: Pinterest हमारे सपने कुछ और हैं पर आज भी हम दिलासों को लिए बैठे हैं इस काम में कोई जुनून नहीं है पर आज भी Read more about              "सपने"[…]

🙇I can’t just Loose

  Pc: Pinterest “Firecrackers outside my window,sky was their limit Choking air all around,but i was just reading Those word of yours,which were my breath Those lovely notions of your,which were mine favorite But now it’s all like ,i am a burnt candle Stiff from the bottom, shredded from the top Love is in the heart Read more about 🙇I can’t just Loose[…]