Grief – Comfort Through Poetry

Grief – Comfort Through Poetry

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A loss of a loved one is always hard to deal with. You spend months, years, even decades talking, relaxing, and laughing together. When the "day" comes, tears flow. It's hard, really hard. But life goes on. No matter how hard you try, life goes on. We can not stop it, we can not pause it or slow it down. It keeps on going.

Even though poetry does not bring miracles, it does help. Whether it be by writing or reading, the thoughts of your loved one will be there and remembrance is part of the battle.

Writing grief poetry is a great way to express your feelings. It works simply to keeping a diary, but with poetry you can express yourself in far superior ways – more literary styles are at your disposal without sounding out of place, such as alliteration and rhymes.

Of course, the poem does not have to be about your grief, it can be a remembrance poem. The poem may even be about one of the many great times you had together, about the people eyes, their heart, or your love. The point of writing these poems is simply to express yourself. To write memories or even your overall feelings of what happened.

The great aspect of remembrance poems, however, is that you can look back on the poem whenever you feel you are about to 'forget' the person you love and to let you feel at least a small bit of comfort.

If writing poetry is not for you, there are many great sympathy poems which will work just as well during your grieving phase. Reading how others deal with the same event can do wonders when wondering how to go on with life.

Poetry is a great way to deal with emotions. Whether you are writing or simply reading, poetry is there for all your feelings, even grief and when seeking a small bit of comfort.

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