Poetic Form and Content – An Overview

Poetic Form and Content – An Overview

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Offering a group of alphabets in a fashionable manner, stitching dream on the azure sky and adding some green metaphors like an artist to its shape- we get the Poems for Life. They spread happiness that a reader can drink glassful at thirsty moments- at the lonely night of full moon or rain.

If we look carefully- we will see that each poem has two aspects: Form & Content. Form is the superstructure, the body and Content is the infrastructure, the bone, meat and blood- both are crucial.

A poem may be written in different forms either following poetic grammar or without tracking thereof. Form is just like the apparels design- lucrative looking devise attracts customers. Hence, the magnetic impact of form is very significant. Preliminary attraction is the main feature of form.

On the other hand, content plays the pivotal role to satisfy reader-customers demand. The life and the context around us are the source of content that sings the victory of life. A certain thing as we see, we imagine, our desire and vision add good value to the content. In the fast moving society, contents also changing very swiftly.

Both the form and the content are the basic features of the poem. Traditional form and content of the poem have its antic value. But writing poems in modern form with contemporary content become dearer to the current readers. Still then, we have opportunity to write in classical or modern form with conventional or contemporary contents.

Whenever we compose a poem, we may consider the form and content keeping the readers’ desire in mind. It is told that quality of a product remains in the customers mind. If we write a poem efficiently and effectively, but the readers do not like, that is not a perfect poem at all.

When we look into, we find lots of poetic forms- and when we watch around we see (either on open eyes or on close eyes) numerous contents are there. We have our liberty to choose- but we should not write against humankind. Out writing should be in favor of the development of human race towards progress.

We would like to add something in the development of mankind with the aid of Poems for Life.

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