Poetry – The Purpose of Writing Poetry

Poetry – The Purpose of Writing Poetry

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Many of us are asking questions of what really is the purpose of writing poetry. Why do we try to communicate employing versa if we can directly express our ideas with the use of direct language? Why do we have to let our readers think deeper and analyze what we are saying if we can share to them our thoughts and opinion with other writings method available. Why poetry?

Poetry as a way of self-expression – most of the time when the hearts of a poetic individuals is occupied with boredom, anger, love, likes and dislikes to a definite things or events that they end up writing a poem. Writing poetry serve as the river of thoughts and emotions wherein a person can freely says and express of what he has in mind in a defect and artistic way. It gives comfort and relaxations as poets begin to write the first line of verse for each poem they have conceive and adorably crafted. It heals our emotions and it helps us cope up with the day-to-day demands of our being.

If a person writes a poem there is unrivaled fulfillment that we can feel in our being and it makes life much lighter. We felt relieve from pain every time we can accomplish a single piece of poetry. It brings some kind of anti-dote into our spirit and it help ease the burden that we are carrying in our shoulder. There is something in poetry that can not be found in any literary forms and one of that is the creation of rhymes. We can also express our thoughts in a more passionate manner and higher level of creativity with poetry.

Writing poetry is also another means of releasing the tension that linger in our heart, mind, body and spirit. It uplifts us from pressure and hassles of life that we encounter everyday as we continue to exist in this wonderful and mythical world. It is our honest and true companion that we can cling on in dealing with life challenges and adversaries.

People want to express their ideas in a more meaningful way and poetry has all the qualities a poetic individual needs. It has the power to communicate beyond our normal way of thinking and it is not just words that we carefully woven but a whole new being we like to be with. Writing poetry gives new meaning into our life.

It is always there when we needed it most and it is always comforting as it serves as the reservoir of our feelings. There is something unique in poetry that is absent in all other literary forms.

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Pradita Kapahi

January 31, 2018 at 6:04 pm

Great article. I got one think poetry is the zenith of human writing because it attempts to say the most in as few words as possible

Pradita Kapahi

January 31, 2018 at 6:04 pm

*I for one think…

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