A Poem on Evolution

A Poem on Evolution

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The following poem presents a brief history of life on earth, from microbes through amphibians to man. It also provides a glimpse of what our future could be, should we be guilty of mismanaging the present. Caution! The following may contain nuances of logic and rationality that may be offensive to some people. Reader discretion is advised.


In the beginning was the law,
And the law said time bought only loss,
And everything must run down hill.
But there was another law as well.

The second law said matter might
Over ride the first law for a time
And grow itself through toil and strife.
This second law was the law of life.

Life flourished then in seas and forests
Through many a metamorphosis.
Green algae great to sturdy ferns,
Then morphed into giant conifers.

And trilobites to fishes branched,
And then Tiktaalik crawled out on land.
The dinosaurs long held their sway,
Until birds and mammals took the stage.

And then came man, maker of gods,
Subjugator of horses and dogs,
Grewer of corn, wager of war,
Smarter that any creature before.

Barely two hundred years ago,
Mankind had reached a billion or so,
And Thomas Malthus said that we
Would all starve by eighteen-twenty-three.

But even as Malthus preached our doom,
Mankind was busy with something new:
The pinnacle of evolution –
The great industrial revolution.

With industry, man created wealth,
And freedom followed by itself.
And what comes after wealth and freedom?
The @ $%? *! government, if we let 'em.

Source by GE Kruckeberg