Two Poems – Complex Poetic Form and Triple Boketto Poem

Two Poems – Complex Poetic Form and Triple Boketto Poem

Thoughts of Unknowing (Complex Poetic Form)

Thoughts of unknowing and you dance me

until I become the only movement… This tango undresses

my feelings, and I am stripped of all bad thinking

to be enlightened. I am a Cartesian clear and distinct object

on this pyramidal peak of the mountain, where

the echoes trail off almost forever over the horizon.

Let’s sing, either with power, or with angels, or with freedom,

naught else, nor no more songs, but a swing song,

a prothalamium, which





expresses nothing less than the clarity of our true feelings

and nothing more than the rightness of our straight angles of view.

There is the fullness of our love, where

God is knowable, whether willful or involuntary.

We can neither see still,

solace still one another

in our sufferings,

unless we are sadly stuck in His

unending love cycle. There is, in fact,

a cognitive itch

and a divination using the human form

while being alive,

when life is not alive in its own sense

except for the eternity.

We can be good people

through this consciousness of ours,

which is relentless and reflexive,

especially when it becomes an object in itself.

I am not myself,

I am only this reaction of mine

in front of others

like a doppelgänger in the mirror.

The more I feel the time passing

the more I understand the eternity.

Yet turn, turn to live each second of no return.

There is no yellow horse in our dreams,

neither is this golden ripe wheat field

our land of freedom.

The sun still shines on every still green sunflower

Following it from east to west each day.

I’m spellbound by

the swinging sonorous cadence

of the birds chirping on the pyramids

and on the peaks of the mountains.

Lost in Blue (Triple Boketto Poem)

Victims have no place to stay;

Refugees are turned away,

When the night goes down today,

Nobody asks why.

Life is going by.

Kids need food to stay alive

And make effort to survive

Lost in blue.

How hard is it to live there?

All their new diseases are rare.

In this world wave of prayer,

Where the snakes can lie,

Life is going by.

The sands fall through the hourglass.

The hope withers like the grass

Lost in blue.

Behind the new concealed walls,

Near the sky and the wet falls,

The life dances the death’s calls

To upturn the eye.

Life is going by.

The chaos can’t rise above,

When the people search for love,

Lost in blue.

Source by Marieta Maglas

Poetry – A Form of Creative Writing

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Poetry is an outward expression of one's inner thoughts, feelings, emotions and is therefore a form of creative writing. Authors can articulate his feelings through an imaginative form of expression without having to explain his reasoning. Why does poetry speak to us? It is a unique style of rhythmic sounds and words that is creatively written, which speaks to us on a personal level, because of the way we personally perceive it. Each reader may interpret the poetry completely different than the author intended. Poetic words are carefully planned to convey a certain perspective in the poet's mind. Readers may interpret the meaning differently as the poem is understood by the person processing the creative prose.

Some poems may be harder to understand as in Shakespearean Sonnets or in John Keats' romantic poems. The fact is that poetry is a form of song and was named sonnet for the use of the term. Poetry can help calm a mind, bring enjoyment to the soul or relax the senses. The poet sees a way to express his innermost thoughts when he writes and therefore touch the reader on a personal level. Writing poetry can restores passion and joy in life. It brings excitement and motivation and therefore relieves stress.

For me, Poetry comes from an interesting thought and is expressed outwardly as a way of reflection. It is written to tell the world how valuable the insightful introspection was. Writing Poetry is pleasing to the mind and therefore is valuable to the author.

Here is a poem that I wrote about writing.

The Life of A Writer

The Life of a writer is different than you expect,
Writing stories for joy is much easier than all the rest,
Writing for emotions, love, and heart-felt effects,
Busy writing, promoting, no sleep or rest.
We love to use words that move one another,
Words, then phrases, then sentences connected,
A story can take you to lands like no other,
Our desires, hopes, heart is affected.
Fantasy brings to life dragons, magic, and time,
A way to escape troubles, grief, and sorrow,
A story, a novel, and poems that rhyme,
Fiction stories, real life events that we borrow.
The life of a writer is hard at times, but also easy,
For we dedicate our time, energy and imagination,
Writing when we are tired and sometimes queasy,
A different galaxy to us, an internal vacation.

Source by Tracy Kay Kauffman

Poetic Form and Content – An Overview

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Offering a group of alphabets in a fashionable manner, stitching dream on the azure sky and adding some green metaphors like an artist to its shape- we get the Poems for Life. They spread happiness that a reader can drink glassful at thirsty moments- at the lonely night of full moon or rain.

If we look carefully- we will see that each poem has two aspects: Form & Content. Form is the superstructure, the body and Content is the infrastructure, the bone, meat and blood- both are crucial.

A poem may be written in different forms either following poetic grammar or without tracking thereof. Form is just like the apparels design- lucrative looking devise attracts customers. Hence, the magnetic impact of form is very significant. Preliminary attraction is the main feature of form.

On the other hand, content plays the pivotal role to satisfy reader-customers demand. The life and the context around us are the source of content that sings the victory of life. A certain thing as we see, we imagine, our desire and vision add good value to the content. In the fast moving society, contents also changing very swiftly.

Both the form and the content are the basic features of the poem. Traditional form and content of the poem have its antic value. But writing poems in modern form with contemporary content become dearer to the current readers. Still then, we have opportunity to write in classical or modern form with conventional or contemporary contents.

Whenever we compose a poem, we may consider the form and content keeping the readers’ desire in mind. It is told that quality of a product remains in the customers mind. If we write a poem efficiently and effectively, but the readers do not like, that is not a perfect poem at all.

When we look into, we find lots of poetic forms- and when we watch around we see (either on open eyes or on close eyes) numerous contents are there. We have our liberty to choose- but we should not write against humankind. Out writing should be in favor of the development of human race towards progress.

We would like to add something in the development of mankind with the aid of Poems for Life.

Source by Ashraful Musaddeq