The Ultimate Hole-in-One – A Poem

The Ultimate Hole-in-One – A Poem

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I’ve heard it asked before

“Do you think God plays golf?”

And I’ve come to the conclusion

That God created golf

To show us how life is meant to be lived

Just like golf,

Life can be challenging

We don’t start out knowing what to do

And life for the Christian

Can be even more challenging

Both require patience

Both require persistence

Both require practice

Both require passion

Faith, confidence and training are all needed

The desire to keep playing

And keep getting better

Brings the golfer back again and again

Golf and life both bring you to your knees

Reminding you the importance of humility

Mentoring and training

Keep you fresh in the game

Constantly learning and growing

Improving with knowledge and practice

Honing skills and perfecting abilities

In golf, the proper stance is needed

Without it, toss aside everything you think

You know, and start again

Your stance dictates where each shot will go

Ultimately determining success

In life, your stance is equally important

You must assume a stance to succeed

Take a stance for God and your beliefs,

For how you will live your life,

For what kind of legacy you will leave behind.

The game of golf,

Like the game of life,

Needs no other players,

No refs, no umpires

The challenge is within yourself

Your stance, your swing, your grip

It’s all in your control

It’s all about the choices you make,

How willing you are to grow

And accept that you will always be growing

Keep your eye on the ball,

Keep your eye on Jesus.

We all have miss hits,

We come up short,

Sometimes it takes a couple extra shots to get where God wants us

We have to pay the penalty for those extra shots

But we never have to leave the game

There are no strike-outs, no fouls

God will never throw us off the greens

Even when we get angry and throw our clubs

In golf, just like in the Christian’s life,

There are no winners and losers.

It’s all about being the best we can be

And doing the best you can

Each time you’re up to put

We’re meant to pick up our clubs,

Head to the greens

And just keep hitting balls

Until God calls us home

The ultimate Hole-in-One

Source by Lisa A Mason