Shakespeare Love Poems – Sonnet 130 Analysis

Shakespeare Love Poems – Sonnet 130 Analysis

Another of the most famous Shakespeare Love Poems, Sonnet 130 is strange when you first look at it. It shows Shakespeare seemingly in conflicting minds about his mistress (the dark lady). The other poems he writes are descriptive, compare with the way he describes the fair youth in sonnet 18. However, its is indeed a satire in nature and there are clever facets to this poem. He talks about the mistress as having lots of bad qualities, bad breath, frizzy hair, dull complexion. But in the end, the writer still loves her.

1st quatrain

Straight away the tone is set, and the writer compares the mistress as being nothing like the sun (compare with “gold complexion” of the fair youth in sonnet 18). With the next lines, he seems to be criticising or even mocking her. It almost seems like the writer is confession of pitying the mistress and is almost ashamed of himself for being with her. The writer says “her breasts are dun” showing that her skin is dark and dull, and white skin was perceived as beautiful at the time. He describes her hair as black wires, and again black hair was seen as common and not beautiful. This first quatrain is strange and seems to have a certain lack emptiness and lack of emotion coinciding with it.

2nd quatrain

The writer continues to criticise her, saying there is no colour in her cheeks, and that her breath smells bad. Its poems continues to sound hollow and sad. At this point we still do not know where this poem is leading. The next quatrain reveals all

3rd quatrain

The 3rd quatrain opens with “I love to hear her speak”. This is typical of Shakespeare’s style to completely change the tone at the start of a quatrain. “I love to hear her speak” is an honest compliment, and may be starting to convey the idea that for all her outer faults, It is the mistress’s inner beauty that the writer loves. However the the next line seems to go back being derisive and harsh. “But music hath a more pleasing sound” It leaves us wondering why he has so suddenly gone back to being negative about the mistress. The next 2 lines seem to say “my mistress is no goddess”.

But to understand this we must understand the contemporary poets of the time for example, Thomas Watson, Michael Drayton, and Barnabe Barnes. They all wrote over-the-top, highly romanticised sonnets, with lots of elaborate description and they were not really honest. In sonnet 130, Shakespeare has given an honest description. The writer is saying what he truly sees and feels about the mistress. This is completely unlike the much earlier sonnet 18 where the writer seems to be wearing rose tinted glasses and describes the “fair youth” with all manner of descriptive adjectives.

Shakespeare is satirising and almost making a mockery of his contemporary writers. He thinks they look silly by always by being so over the top and elaborate (a bit like how the media nowadays sensationalises all their stories), and slates them for their dishonesty.

People do not want to be complemented on qualities they do not really have. If you have tanned skin, you do not want to be complemented on how white and fair your skin looks, but maybe you would like to be complemented in such as a way as “Wow your skin is a lovely shade of caramel”. Here, although the writer seems to criticise the mistress at times, he is really complementing her on qualities she really does have.

Final Rhyming Couplet

The writer ends the poem with a confession of love. For all her strange qualities which he has listed int the poem before, He still loves her. It is interesting to note that in Shakespearean English, the word belied can mean falsely represented and also sexually mounted. As this whole poem is a satire, Shakespeare could be subtly accusing his rival poets of coercion, using flattering words to get their mistresses in bed.

Here is sonnet 130, another of my favourite Shakespeare love poems, with the quatrains already separated for you to make it easier to read.

Sonnet 18

1st quatrain

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;

Coral is far more red than her lips’ red;

If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;

If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.

2nd quatrain

I have seen roses damask, red and white,

But no such roses see I in her cheeks;

And in some perfumes is there more delight

Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.

3rd quatrain

I love to hear her speak, yet well I know

That music hath a far more pleasing sound;

I grant I never saw a goddess go;

My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:

Final Rhyming Couplet

And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare

As any she belied with false compare.

Sonnet 130 is one of the most clever Shakespeare Love Poems. It is interesting to see all the different facets of Shakespeare poetry, and this poem can be interpreted 2 ways. You can compare this with the simple description in Sonnet 18.

Source by Cluivee Lee

Dream Interpretation and Poetry – Interpreting Love Poems

I was looking for keywords in order to write my next article, and since I just wrote two e-books about love and happiness and the interpretation of dreams about the person you love, I was looking for keywords related to love. Then I saw that one of the best keywords was “love poems”.

If you know my story, you know that I have been a writer since I was 7 years old. I have a great literary talent, but instead of becoming a literary writer, writing mainly poetry, which is my passion, I learned how to translate dreams, continuing the work of the famed psychiatrist Carl Jung.

The continuation of the work of a psychiatrist transformed me into a psychiatrist too, the same way that a psychiatrist became a language translator when he tried to decipher the mysterious meaning of our dreams.

I abandoned literature because I became a doctor and I didn’t have time to be also a writer and keep writing poetry.

However, since I saw that there are so many people caring about love poems and since I love writing poems, now that my English is better, after writing so many articles for you, I dared writing two love poems, with the intention of perhaps creating a collection of love poems at my first site, near my e-books about love and happiness and how you can interpret dreams about the person you love, your bonus.

I wrote my two first poems easily, but I really don’t have time for poems because too many people are still sending me their dreams for professional translation and psychotherapy, taking advantage of my summer offer, which is coming to an end.

Anyhow, perhaps after the summer offer and the completion of my new e-book Dream Interpretation as a Science – The Cure for All Mental Illnesses, with all the collection of dreams that I collected on the internet from people all over the world, I will have more time and I may continue writing love poems, which, for me, are very easy to be written.

However, since I’m also your teacher and I’ve been giving you lessons about the scientific method of dream interpretation through my articles, I had the idea to use my first love poem in this article in order to show you how poetry helps you understand better the dream language.

This is why I, a poet, could translate better the dream messages, than Carl Jung, who discovered the correct method of dream interpretation but was a doctor, who lived far from the meaning of the words, languages and translations.

Here is my first Love Poem:

Secret Love

Nothing seems possible or real.

Nothing is simple or attainable.

Will the ocean between us disappear?

Will all walls extend their limits?

Nothing seems sensible.

But nothing can be hidden for very long.

Life asks for our ticket, and examines us at length.

Our facial expressions reveal

the obvious secret…

Is this dream ever going to come true?

Will I ever manage to be near you?

The answer is so difficult…

The future, so cruel…

Separated by the ironic distance,

our eyes and our existence

look for bridges and invisible connections,

beyond ephemeral minutes

and their multiple dimensions.


Now I’m going to interpret the meaning of this poem according to its linguistic value. You’ll see that the interpretation of a literary work is quite similar to the interpretation of a dream, even though when you learn to exactly interpret your dreams you become a true translator: you translate images in words.

You are not an “interpreter” anymore, because the interpreter is the one who tries to understand the hidden meaning of a certain text, while the translator simply translates words from one language to the other, without looking for any meaning before exchanging the words from one language to the other. This is quite different!

While Carl Jung was a beginner and therefore a dream interpreter, trying to understand the mysterious meaning of the dreams without enough knowledge, especially because he abandoned the research into the unknown region of the psyche, I who continued his research and had a better notion about how to interpret the meaning of a literary work, can present you a method of dream translation, which is much more accurate than the vague method of dream interpretation used by Jung.

Let me show you now the literary interpretation of my first love poem:

“Secret Love

Nothing seems possible or real.

Nothing is simple or attainable.

Will the ocean between us disappear?

Will all walls extend their limits?”

The title defines the poem, showing us that it is about a secret love.

Nothing is possible, real, simple or attainable. We see that there is a great difficulty. This is a love between two people that are too distant, either geographically or socially, or for many other possible reasons.

And here begins the poetical expression:

“Will the ocean between us disappear?

Will all walls extend their limits?”

The ocean cannot disappear and walls never extend their limits because they don’t have any plasticity. So, I, the author, am trying to show you that what I desire is something impossible.

When we interpret the literary meaning of a text or poetry, we try to understand what the author’s intention was. We search for the meaning that the author gives to his literature, we try to discover what the author wanted to express with the words that he or she chose to use. We don’t give our personal opinion about the document and its meaning.

So, with the words “ocean” and “walls”, we understand that there are tremendous obstacles to be overcome, so that the couple in love will be able to be together. This is a very difficult matter.


“Nothing seems sensible.

But nothing can be hidden for very long.

Life asks for our ticket, and examines us at length.

Our facial expressions reveal

the obvious secret”…

Here we have a metaphor, a personalization of “Life” as if life was a person that checked for our tickets when we are traveling.

With this metaphor the author shows us that life is a trip, we are in constant movement, and some day we have to give answers, which cannot be avoided.

This part shows us also that the truth cannot be hidden, no matter how much the couple may try to hide it, since other factors denounce them, factors that are beyond their control.

Now, you may think that the author used the words “ticket” and “secret” only because they make a rhyme. However, keep in mind that when an author decides to use certain word in a poem because it ends the same way as another one, he or she has always to choose the word that fits also with the meaning of the text.

Art, the purpose of each word and the purpose of each meaning, make the poem together.

Continuing now the poem:

“Is this dream ever going to come true?

Will I ever manage to be near you?

The answer is so difficult…

The future, so cruel”…

The first two questions and the first answer are easy to be understood, without interpretation. However, the last statement makes us wonder what exactly intended the author to show us with the phrase: “The future, (is) so cruel”.

The future appears in a metaphoric form, as if the future was a person, since only a person can be cruel.

Why is the future cruel? The author could describe it with positivism presenting perhaps a possibility of a meeting and a relationship between the couple in the future, but the future is described as being cruel, what means that in the future more impossibilities and obstacles may separate the couple, instead of uniting them.

And now the end:

“Separated by the ironic distance,

our eyes and our existence

look for bridges and invisible connections,

beyond ephemeral minutes

and their multiple dimensions”.

The first sentences are clear and we can easily understand their meaning. However, what exactly do these words mean: “Beyond ephemeral minutes and their multiple dimensions?”

Ephemeral is that which lasts only for a very short period of time. The minutes are really ephemeral, because time passes very fast and the minutes have a very short duration.

But what are the multiple dimensions of the minutes?

Let’s examine the entire paragraph in order to understand completely its meaning:

“Separated by the ironic distance, our eyes and our existence look for bridges and invisible connections, beyond ephemeral minutes and their multiple dimensions”.

So, the lovers’ eyes and all their existence look for bridges and invisible connections in the short minutes of such possibility and in their multiple dimensions, meaning that these short minutes have a continuation.

They are extended to another level, assuming a different form, so they are no more ephemeral, since they remain, either in the form of memory or in the form of many consequences that result from the brief contact of the couple during only brief minutes.

These could also be the brief minutes where a certain connection between them is possible, even when they are not near each other.

Therefore we understand that the author is talking about a secret love almost impossible to become a relationship between the couple.

You may believe that this is something you understood from the beginning, because this poem was not difficult to be interpreted, but now you have a clearer idea about its meaning.

Now, you can also better understand how we interpret a dream.

In opposition to what happens when we try to interpret a dream, if we know how to exactly translate the dream symbols, we don’t have to guess and try so hard to understand what the dream’s author is trying to say. We simply translate the dream scenes without difficulty, giving known meanings to the dream images.

We know for example that the ocean symbolizes craziness. So, when we translate the dream, we use the word craziness in the place of the ocean. We keep putting words in the place of the images and this is how we discover what exactly the dream is trying to show us.

If the sentence “Will the ocean disappear?” was part of a dream, we would translate it as: “Will craziness disappear?” since the ocean is a very important dream symbol. This is what we do: we look for known dream symbols and we translate their meaning, relating them to the other parts of the dream.

When you learn the dream language according to the accurate translation provided by the scientific method after my simplification of Jung’s method, you discover that it is not difficult and mysterious at all, as all dream interpreters until today have presented it.

For them it is still mysterious because they are guessing, like I was guessing when interpreting the literary meaning of my first love poem, especially when I interpreted the meaning of the minutes’ multiple dimension.

Another interpreter could give them another definition, because an interpretation is the result of a subjective view of what the author was trying to say. Each one interprets the words of a poem in a different way when trying to understand the author’s intention, even independently of their personal opinion.

Imagine now what happens when the interpreter expresses only his or her own opinion, without caring about the author’s intention…

An accurate dream translation is totally different from a subjective dream interpretation, which is quite similar to a literary interpretation.

When we translate the dream’s meaning, we don’t guess: we replace images by known meanings, the same way we do when we translate one language to the other.

Source by Christina Sponias

Why We Love Poetry

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Just the other day, a good friend of mine, exasperated after a phone call at work, asked me, "What do women want?" Taken off guard at the time, I responded, "Did you try writing her a poem?" I then contemplated his question further and realized that what women want can be broken up into five simple categories, all of which also explain why we love poetry.

1. Romance. Many relationship problems stem from a lack of romance. Women want to be seduced. Whether you are on your first date or you have been married for thirty years, if you want to make women happy, or keep women happy, you must romance them. How do you create romance? Light candles. Dim lights. Create ambiance. Draw her a hot bubble bath. For dates, go for walks and look at stars. Have a picnic. Spend time near water. Lakes, oceans, rivers and streams are very romantic. Pay attention to what she loves and surprise her with your knowledge of it. If she loves a certain painter, take her to an art exhibit featuring his work, or just pick up a book of his artwork from the book store or even the library to show her. Chivalry is also romantic. Open doors for her. Drop her off at the door of the restaurant, then park the car if it is raining. Help her with her coat, and pull out her chair. Even the most feminist women appreciate chivalry because it shows that men have respect for women and care about them. I do not suggest going so far as to throw your overcoat over a mud puddle for your lady to pass, but it certainly would be romantic. You can save a lot of failing marriages by remembering to include romance.

2. Intimacy. Healthy marriages readily upon intimacy. Make sure to touch your significant other whenever you are given the opportunity. Hold her hand Remove a strand of her hair from her sweater. Stop to cares her as you pass her in the room, even if she is distracted with children or work. Always kiss her goodbye. Offer to give her a massage. Tell her intimate things. Remember, this is the person you want to spend forever with. Do not be afraid to confess your dreams to her. Stay up late talking. Look into her eyes. Play with her hair. Never take your wife or significant other for granted and forget to treat her as a sacred entity.

3. A Healthy Sex Life. Good marriages and long term relationships need to include a healthy sex life. Although the quantity of sex will differ in every relationship, quality sex is important and should occur at least once a week to help you to feel close to your partner. If you have children or different schedules, or both, it may be difficult to find time for sex, but it is as essential as sleep and you can not cut it out of your life. Sometimes initiating sex can be difficult, especially if time is limited, but creating romantic, intimate settings will help. If your wife walks into a bedroom full of candle light and soft music, she may decide that she is suddenly not quite as tired as she thought she was. If you offer to give her a massage before you even enter the bedroom, you could plant a seed in her head that will grow with her desire. The massage itself could break intimate barriers and ease the transition into sex, and you do not have to be a masseur to give a massage. Quality sex depends upon your attentiveness to your partner and the effort you put forth. Be aware of her needs and make sure to include enough foreplay (and afterplay, if necessary) to satisfy her. I believe that any man has the ability to sexually satisfy any woman if they put forth enough effort. If you feel that your partner is especially difficult to read or difficult to please, you might want to try to break the routines you have established. New places and new positions for love making often please women. If you are still having problems in the bedroom, you may have to talk to your partner about what would really satisfy her sexually.

4. Motivation. Women love to see motivated men. Be motivated in personal aspects of your life as well as in aspects of your relationship. I have heard many men complain about how they did not attract women, although they were ready to devote them to the proper woman. It disturbed these men that many women seemed to always date men who were completely absorbed in other interests and had no time for them. The men absorbed in their own interests attracted the women because the women were drawn to their motivation. Women want to be with interesting men. Make sure to pursue your own interests and follow them firmly before seeking a mate. Sometimes it looks women are attracted to wealth, but often wealthy men have a strong motivational drive that is very sexy. While some shallow women, who are not worth pursuing, may only want money out of a relationship, many women are attracted to the motivation of a wealthy man. Do not idly let life pass you by, but reach out and take what you want. This will also give you confidence, which is also sexy. Many men do not have a problem with self motivation, but they do have a problem with maintaining motivation in their relationships. These men will get all the girls, but will not be able to keep them. Long term relationships, especially marriages, are hard work. While you no longer have to worry about having to find the right woman, you now have a much larger problem, worrying about how to keep her. You have the power to salvage any marriage if you are willing to put forth the proper amount of effort. Keep up the romance and the intimate and the sex. Ask her out on dates. Keep trying to win her.

5. Appreciation. As your mother hopefully taught you when you were young, you should never forget to say, "thank you." Empathize, realize and thank her. Be very aware of the effort your partner is putting forth. You must empathize with your wife. Put yourself in her shoes and see what she is doing. Whether she has a full time job or is a home maker or a mother, chances are she is putting forth a lot of effort and helping you in a lot of ways. After you realize that doing the dishes, folding the laundry, knowing where you left your favorite hat or bringing home some money for the household is a lot of work, you must thank her. You can thank her in a variety of ways. You should acknowledge efforts such as making dinner on a daily basis and verbally thank her immediately. Long term efforts should be appreciated with little tokens. Personal gifts are a good way to show your appreciation for your significant other. The romantic gift does not have to be expensive, but could be flowers or a card. Another way to show your appreciation is to acknowledge anniversaries and special occasions. Your significant other may have certain monetary expectations for anniversary gifts, but in addition to these gifts, you could give her a gift that shows you really care about her. Notice what kept her eye in the store and buy it for her later. Make her something. Write her a special note, or a poem.

When I think back to why I answered my friend so simply when he asked me what women want, it happens to me that a poem is a metaphor for what women want. Poems are romantic. They express intimate thoughts and put women in a certain mood. The poem expresses the motivation of writing it and the motivation of giving it and is a lovely way to show a woman how much you appreciate her. For more on love and poetry and custom poetry, visit my blog: Good luck making your woman happy!

Source by Jessica Keough

You Know What I Mean!

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Each time we share a contact;
Sometimes it’s just from eyes,
Sometimes it’s from the throbbing heart and smiling face,
But each time we share much than that.

We share a simple gesture,
Yet that means a lot.
Those collisions of our repeated eye contact,
Those collisions of our repeated unsaid words.

Every feeling buried deep inside the heart,
But every time we manage to control that fake smile pretending; to be smart.
Because we feel, like we are giving respect to others soul,
Again two flickering bodies remain as a single whole.

Why we don’t approach;
Why we just pretend to be that lonely ghost,
Away from the feelings;
And far more away from the loving role.

Sometimes I feel; to express every bit of my emotion,
In front of the anonymous girl.
Who is a part of my dream, for the last Friday dawn,
But I end up with some messy thoughts and classy reasons like a con.

© Abhishek

Siblings Love!

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•Purity lies within our relation,

With single thread of love,we are bonded together.

•We are too far,to catch a single smile,

But too near,to feel every bit of love.

• We care,we share,we love ,we really admire,

We altogether born to be each other’s supporting arm.

•Day’s spend with you,will never get replaced by any second,

Money,what i admire the most, can’t buy that priceless moment!

•You are my strength,milestone in between my goal,

You serve me as burning desire to get my mind every time roll.

•From that irreplaceable part of my life,to the best thing ever happened to me,

You Remain close to me,like leaf with morning dew.

©Abhi Raj

Happy Rakshabandhan. 😊

"जो कभी तुम मिल जाओ"

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PC: long dist. Love

“आज हम होंगे और करीब,
पता नहीं कब तुम बगल से मुस्कुराकर चली जाओ।
ढूढ़ंते तो जरूर फिरेंगे हम,
बस डर है कहीं तुम शर्मा कर न चली जाओ।

अब तक न देखा तुम्हें,
पर एक ही झलक में सारी दुनिया देख ली।
पहले तो हम न मिले कभी,
पर फिर भी मेरे शब्दों को आज एक वजह मिल गयी।

चंद लमहे ही काफी हैं,
तुमसे मिलने के लिए।
दो वक्त जो मिल जाये;काफी है,
संग तुम्हारे जीने के लिए।

शब्द भी मेरे अब कुछ कम से लगने लगे हैं,
जितना सोचा उतना लिख भी न पाऊंगा।
वजह तो नहीं पता,
अगर मुस्कुराते हुए देख लूँ तुम्हें,तो बस देखता ही रह जाऊंगा।।”


PS: Based on certain feelings, because of Someone, something like imagination… 😊

Stay Happy 💐

writers paradise

one word "OVER" 

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•It’s now over between Me and You.
Her voice grazed my heart, during her hangover. 
The whole night, she was on my lap. 
With one word over, all over her head.

•Clock there on the wall,also not in a mood to swing. 
The air outside my room, also not in a mood to sing. 
There’s Only silence all over my place. 
Except for my lap, where my heart was in rest.

•My hand over her forehead,another in between her arm. 
Eyes there on her face,with feelings all in zest. 
This night was long, as many years together never had been. 
But it was more beautiful than it ever has been…

🙇I can’t just Loose


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“Firecrackers outside my window,sky was their limit
Choking air all around,but i was just reading

Those word of yours,which were my breath

Those lovely notions of your,which were mine favorite

But now it’s all like ,i am a burnt candle

Stiff from the bottom, shredded from the top
Love is in the heart but, fragments all over the path

Along with your memory,i cant take my  single step 

Along with your dream, i cant just loose life sematic race

Just to be stable ,i will have to take you down out of my heart

Just to be as what I am,will have to forget all your fairy tales….”©self

Written by -Abhishek Raj

E-mail –

Stay blessed😊

The Proposal 💐

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Words From the Heart:

To all the Lovely Women: who deserve goOd wOrds

Here goes my poetry:

“●The day when i will propose you;will be a history within me,
I wish you will not leave any mystery within we.

●This love is of year; year’s more it will go,
Really the first proposal is full of fear;but before you everything i can bear.

●For the very first day when you came in my sight,
On that very moment, i left my whole world beside.

●Just to get your single smile;I traveled miles a day,
And with a hope;that you will never allow me to feel like hell.

●Your smile can’t say; it’s your treasure or it’s my pleasure,
But whatever;its like spring with a leaf floating like a feather.

●You are so sweet for me;like sugar walking on the road,
And simply my heart following you like a key to the door.

●So finally my love is for you & you for me,
No matter how long it takes;true love is always worth the wait..”©






Written by – Abhishek Raj

Twitter – @abhishekrj94


Be Happy 😊