Why We Love Poetry

Why We Love Poetry

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Just the other day, a good friend of mine, exasperated after a phone call at work, asked me, "What do women want?" Taken off guard at the time, I responded, "Did you try writing her a poem?" I then contemplated his question further and realized that what women want can be broken up into five simple categories, all of which also explain why we love poetry.

1. Romance. Many relationship problems stem from a lack of romance. Women want to be seduced. Whether you are on your first date or you have been married for thirty years, if you want to make women happy, or keep women happy, you must romance them. How do you create romance? Light candles. Dim lights. Create ambiance. Draw her a hot bubble bath. For dates, go for walks and look at stars. Have a picnic. Spend time near water. Lakes, oceans, rivers and streams are very romantic. Pay attention to what she loves and surprise her with your knowledge of it. If she loves a certain painter, take her to an art exhibit featuring his work, or just pick up a book of his artwork from the book store or even the library to show her. Chivalry is also romantic. Open doors for her. Drop her off at the door of the restaurant, then park the car if it is raining. Help her with her coat, and pull out her chair. Even the most feminist women appreciate chivalry because it shows that men have respect for women and care about them. I do not suggest going so far as to throw your overcoat over a mud puddle for your lady to pass, but it certainly would be romantic. You can save a lot of failing marriages by remembering to include romance.

2. Intimacy. Healthy marriages readily upon intimacy. Make sure to touch your significant other whenever you are given the opportunity. Hold her hand Remove a strand of her hair from her sweater. Stop to cares her as you pass her in the room, even if she is distracted with children or work. Always kiss her goodbye. Offer to give her a massage. Tell her intimate things. Remember, this is the person you want to spend forever with. Do not be afraid to confess your dreams to her. Stay up late talking. Look into her eyes. Play with her hair. Never take your wife or significant other for granted and forget to treat her as a sacred entity.

3. A Healthy Sex Life. Good marriages and long term relationships need to include a healthy sex life. Although the quantity of sex will differ in every relationship, quality sex is important and should occur at least once a week to help you to feel close to your partner. If you have children or different schedules, or both, it may be difficult to find time for sex, but it is as essential as sleep and you can not cut it out of your life. Sometimes initiating sex can be difficult, especially if time is limited, but creating romantic, intimate settings will help. If your wife walks into a bedroom full of candle light and soft music, she may decide that she is suddenly not quite as tired as she thought she was. If you offer to give her a massage before you even enter the bedroom, you could plant a seed in her head that will grow with her desire. The massage itself could break intimate barriers and ease the transition into sex, and you do not have to be a masseur to give a massage. Quality sex depends upon your attentiveness to your partner and the effort you put forth. Be aware of her needs and make sure to include enough foreplay (and afterplay, if necessary) to satisfy her. I believe that any man has the ability to sexually satisfy any woman if they put forth enough effort. If you feel that your partner is especially difficult to read or difficult to please, you might want to try to break the routines you have established. New places and new positions for love making often please women. If you are still having problems in the bedroom, you may have to talk to your partner about what would really satisfy her sexually.

4. Motivation. Women love to see motivated men. Be motivated in personal aspects of your life as well as in aspects of your relationship. I have heard many men complain about how they did not attract women, although they were ready to devote them to the proper woman. It disturbed these men that many women seemed to always date men who were completely absorbed in other interests and had no time for them. The men absorbed in their own interests attracted the women because the women were drawn to their motivation. Women want to be with interesting men. Make sure to pursue your own interests and follow them firmly before seeking a mate. Sometimes it looks women are attracted to wealth, but often wealthy men have a strong motivational drive that is very sexy. While some shallow women, who are not worth pursuing, may only want money out of a relationship, many women are attracted to the motivation of a wealthy man. Do not idly let life pass you by, but reach out and take what you want. This will also give you confidence, which is also sexy. Many men do not have a problem with self motivation, but they do have a problem with maintaining motivation in their relationships. These men will get all the girls, but will not be able to keep them. Long term relationships, especially marriages, are hard work. While you no longer have to worry about having to find the right woman, you now have a much larger problem, worrying about how to keep her. You have the power to salvage any marriage if you are willing to put forth the proper amount of effort. Keep up the romance and the intimate and the sex. Ask her out on dates. Keep trying to win her.

5. Appreciation. As your mother hopefully taught you when you were young, you should never forget to say, "thank you." Empathize, realize and thank her. Be very aware of the effort your partner is putting forth. You must empathize with your wife. Put yourself in her shoes and see what she is doing. Whether she has a full time job or is a home maker or a mother, chances are she is putting forth a lot of effort and helping you in a lot of ways. After you realize that doing the dishes, folding the laundry, knowing where you left your favorite hat or bringing home some money for the household is a lot of work, you must thank her. You can thank her in a variety of ways. You should acknowledge efforts such as making dinner on a daily basis and verbally thank her immediately. Long term efforts should be appreciated with little tokens. Personal gifts are a good way to show your appreciation for your significant other. The romantic gift does not have to be expensive, but could be flowers or a card. Another way to show your appreciation is to acknowledge anniversaries and special occasions. Your significant other may have certain monetary expectations for anniversary gifts, but in addition to these gifts, you could give her a gift that shows you really care about her. Notice what kept her eye in the store and buy it for her later. Make her something. Write her a special note, or a poem.

When I think back to why I answered my friend so simply when he asked me what women want, it happens to me that a poem is a metaphor for what women want. Poems are romantic. They express intimate thoughts and put women in a certain mood. The poem expresses the motivation of writing it and the motivation of giving it and is a lovely way to show a woman how much you appreciate her. For more on love and poetry and custom poetry, visit my blog: collaborative-creation-poetry.blogspot.com. Good luck making your woman happy!

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